Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Very Special Homely Dinner

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It was our pre-weekend wedding day dinner special!!!!I wanted to surprise my husband with a very comforting homely meal because he loves simple satisfying home cooked dinner.I made with just a few ingredients in the house,as my groceries were almost over and to my surprise,it turned out to be a success:)))...He was really happy and full of praises!!!!It is truly said...If you want to win a persons heart,it is through their stomach....I made four tasty recipes- gobi 65,pizza rolls, dhall and curd rice.I would like to share each one in order.So,next time when you want to make a nice homely meal you can try these recipes,you are sure to be a kitchen queen!!! and who knows you might get a gift too :-))..


  1. vow!Mouthwatering menu.I wish I could have dropped in though it was an exclusive special dinner.Nice to read all your posts.Best wishes.