Friday, March 20, 2009

Chow- Chow (Chayote) Curry

This poriyal is a very traditional dish in our house. It tastes great and simple to make.


1) Chow-Chow (big) -3
2) Moong Dhal (passi parupu)-1/2 cup
3) Turmeric -1/2 sp
4) Salt to taste
5) Grated coconut (optional)- 1 tblsp
6) For Tempering :
Oil-2 tblsp, mustard, hing powder, red chillies-2, jeera, udad dhal, curry leaves.

Cut chow-chow into medium sized cubes ( remove the top skin). In a heavy bottomed vessel ,boil the chow -chow and moong dhal together. Cook the chow-chow and dhal until just done. Add turmeric, little salt to it and switch off the stove. Later,drain the chow-chow and parupu with the use of colander.

In a kadai, add oil. To it, start adding one by one the tempering items. Later,add chow-chow,dhal to it. Add little salt (remember salt added little earlier). Cook for 5 more mins till all the items are mixed together. Switch off the stove and add coconut if needed.

Serve this curry with hot rice and ghee or chapatti. Enjoy.


  1. hi
    tastes yummy. i think we can use the drained dal water for mother does this recipe with snake gourd too. thanks for reminding
    subha raghunath

  2. hi
    yes subha-tribute to amma on this day of her
    birthstar. How can we forget her tasty samayal.
    thanks pavi.