Monday, September 19, 2011

Spicy Fajita Quesadilla

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I love to try various types of cuisine's.One such interesting and delicious cuisine is the Mexican cuisine.I think we can relate this cuisine very much to our Indian cuisine as they share a lot of similarities when it comes to flavor and taste.This dish is generally served as an appetizer and especially kids love the cheese quesadilla's,well who does not:))?? I thought,I would add some colorful stir-fried vegetables along with the cheese to make it more healthy and enjoyable...It turned out to be a very good recipe,so I am sharing this recipe:))...

1)Flavored/plain corn tortilla(I used jalapeno and cilantro tortilla) - 3
2)Hot salsa(I used store bought can use fresh too) - 3 tblsp
3)Julienned color peppers - 1/2 cup
4)Julienned onions - 1/2 cup
5)Salt to taste
6)Pepper powder to taste
7)Grated mexican blend cheese - 1/2 cup
8)Finely chopped black olives - 3 tblsp
9)Finely chopped pickled jalapenos - 2 1/2 tblsp
10)Oil - 2 tblsp

Mix salsa,jalapenos and black olives in a bowl.Keep aside.

In a saute pan,pour oil.Once the oil is heated,add the onions and peppers.Stir fry on high flame till partly cooked,there should be crispness in them.Add salt and pepper.Switch off the stove and allow it to cool down a bit.

In a tava,heat a tortilla on both sides on low flame.Then,take the tortilla out,fill one end of it with salsa,stir-fry veggies and top it with cheese.Fold it from the other end.Heat the pan again,place the folded stuffed tortilla carefully and cook(by pressing)on both sides till the cheese melts and the edges are joint,just like a grilled cheese sandwich.Remove tortilla from the pan and allow it to cool a bit.Cut it into pieces.

Yummy quesadilla's are ready!! Serve it with ketchup or salsa....

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