Friday, July 22, 2011

Tomato Soup With A Twist !!!!

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When we think about soups the first thing that comes to our mind is the classic tomato soup.I love the tangy flavor and the unique texture it has...There may be many different soups but I think nothing can beat the richness of this simple soup...Again,there are different styles and ways of making this soup...Mine is different with yet a another twist!!!! Yes I used the basic organic tomato and basil pasta sauce which was sitting in fridge for three days(I think mostly everyone has this problem with the leftover sauce)...I had to use this sauce again for making pasta,which I was not in mood for.So,what else??I cannot store it for longer time too.. And then it stuck me about this soup....It is a simple soup with tons of flavor!!!! And my husband loved it :))..


1) Basic pasta sauce - 1/2 bottle(say 2 cups)
2) Fresh homemade vegetable broth - 4 cups
3) Salt to taste
4) Pepper powder to taste
5) Italian seasonings - a pinch
6) For making vegetable broth:
Roughly chopped vegetables(I used carrots,cabbage,cucumber,green bell pepper,green peas,corn kernels,can use pretty much any vegetable you have) - 4 cups
Onion roughly chopped - 1 big
Garlic chopped - 2 pods
Whole spices(bay leaf,star aniseed,cinnamon,clove) - 1 to 2 each
Butter - 1tblsp
Oil - 1tbslsp
Water - 6 cups

In a big pot,heat oil and butter.Add the whole spices and fry till nice aroma comes out.Saute garlic and onions first.When onions become translucent,add one by one all vegetables and saute each one for a minute.Then,pour water and add salt. Cook the the vegetables for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours on low medium flam,stirring occasionally.If you feel the water is absorbed,add little more.The vegetables will really become tender and soft.Switch off the stove now and allow it to cool down a bit.Drain the broth into a vessel and discard the vegetables.I know,it was difficult for me to throw away the vegetables,but trust me..the richness and nutrients of the vegetables will all be totally transferred into the broth.The vegetables will taste like rubber when you eat :))...Allow the broth to cool down completely.Keep aside.You can always make the broth ahead and store it in fridge.You can add it to soups,pasta,even to Indian gravies.It will taste great!!Other option being you can always buy organic or any well known brand of vegetable broth,but I feel you can control the salt and add many number of fresh vegetables of your choice,when you make it at home.

Then,grind the pasta sauce into smooth puree.If you do not have tomato sauce,you can always make fresh(first blanch the tomatoes for few minutes,remove the skin,cool it down and grind it into puree).Fresh puree is ready..

Take a sauce pot,add little butter.Then,add the tomato puree to the pot.Bring it to a boil.Now,add the vegetable broth to the pot.Mix well and again bring it to a boil.Add salt,pepper,and Italian seasoning and switch off the stove.That's it,the soup is done.

Hot comforting soup is ready!!No one will know you used the leftover sauce to make your soup:))..Believe me,it will taste just like the original soup.Serve it with fresh garlic bread(refer my older post for cheesy garlic bread recipe)..

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  1. Love the left over pasta sauce soup idea , Pavi. I know its always in the fridge , after few days , I just trash it. Hari & Niha are big fans of soup..Let me try this on them :)