Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bell Pepper Dip

This Dip was outcome of few colourful bell Peppers at home. So, I thought why not make a yummy dip out of these.

1) Green Bell Pepper - 1(medium size)
2) Yellow Bell Pepper - 1(medium size)
3) Red Bell Pepper - 1(medium size)
4) Garlic - 2 small cloves
5) Sour cream - 3/4th cup
6) Mayonnaise - 2 tblsp
7) Ranch sauce - 2 tblsp
8) Salt to taste
9) pepper powder - 1/2 tsp
10) Oil - 1 tblsp

Cut the peppers into big cubes and broil it with oil, salt and pepper powder on both sides for nearly 30 minutes or until it starts to burn . Then, allow it to cool.

Fry garlic until it turns slightly brown . Keep aside.

Grind the peppers with garlic and little salt coarsely (note salt already added when broiling)

Mix the ground paste with sour cream, ranch and mayonnaise . Adjust salt and pepper if needed.

Refrigerate the dip for few hours and then serve it with crackers or some corn tortilla chips.Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

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